Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upgrade to 3.0

Ok, obscure title, well, nerdy title, but what did you expect?

It's conference week here where I live and last year was the first year that I went to the conference and it felt like my entire life had been rebuilt from scratch. I wasn't ready for it, didn't know it was coming, but it happened anyway.

In my world when something fundamentally changes we update its number and I suppose you could argue that last year I hit version "Neil 2.0", nerdy, but hey, never mind, these are my words, my way of interpreting the world. It represented a major change where tons of old stuff was removed, stuff that was holding me back, stuff that was there for historical reasons that don't matter any more and frankly needed to just go.

Likewise it felt like a bunch of new stuff was added too, things that will prepare me for what it is that God has for me in the future, in the world in which I operate this represents a sufficiently major departure from what was and represents the vision for the future going forwards. A leap forwards in fact.

Did I say I wasn't prepared for what happened last year?

In my world, we call the process of removing some unpleasant bits, adding new bits and sanding off the rough edges “upgrades”, and upgrades aren't random unexpected things, upgrades are planned, they’re carefully thought about in regards to get from where something is to where it needs to be. Upgrades don’t just happen, they’re expected. They’re a process, they’re how change happens.

Although you can apply an upgrade unexpectedly, but that doesn't mean it had not been prepared for by the author.

Not falling into the trap this time around, this time I'm going to be ready, this time I'm going to be expectant and prepared for whatever changes come. This time I'm ready to receive something. If last year represented a fundamental shift to a radically changed me, and prepared me for the year I have experienced then I'm building towards what's coming during this week so that I can be prepared for what comes in the future.

You can’t want things to change and be unexpectant for them.

I’m not prepared to rest, I'm not prepared to stand still. I absolutely refuse to end this week without something having changed me, without something sanding off more of my rough edges and equipping me, re-tooling me for new challenges and new adventures.

That’s what I want you see, I want new adventures, I want to stop living the constrained inside the box life I had been living until last year and I want to expand my horizons, reach farther, run faster.  I want don’t want conventional, I don’t want a comfortable ride, but I want an incredible one.

So here is me, unsure of what is going to happen, or what is going to affect me, but I'm ready, I'm here and I'm expecting…

… And I can’t wait.

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