Saturday, September 6, 2014[0];

I've meant to post this for a while and I've delayed, then meandered and finally procrastinated for a bit, and that's because I don't want to tell you what I need to, nothing against you, I'm sure you're nice and don't worry I will tell you, I'm just quite an introverted, introspective and insular individual. I'm not used to saying how I feel, I didn't realise I had the right to say I wasn't doing OK...

Have you ever looked at anyone else and thought that they've got their crap together and you just wish things in your life could be together like they have it? I know I do. In my mind I imagine basically everyone has it all figured out and has no trouble navigating life.

Thing is, that's a lie. A pretty massive one, you see, we all look at others and see how they have things figured out and how we wish we could just have what they have.

That's wrong. It frightens me that there's people who wish they knew what I knew, could do what I do. I wish that they had better role models. If I dumped the contents of my mind into someone else's it'd drive them mad, mostly because to get to where I have, I feel like I've gone mad myself.

I don't have it together, I pretend to, because, lets face it we all do, it's what any civilized society does, but I don't.

If you've ever felt this way, you are not alone.

I want those words to sink in, so I'll repeat it, with emphasis.

You are not alone.

You aren't, because, I'm not and, if for a moment you do feel that you are, you need to read the following words.

You are not alone.

I don't know your situation, I can't even begin to pretend to.  Perhaps, however, you would like to know mine and maybe you might see that we're not different.

I hope so, if the lessons I have had to learn will, in any way, spare you the pain, the anguish, the sleepless nights and the vacant un-lived days. Then, what I have experienced, will be proudly worn like a medal.

Because you are worth it.

I don't know you, but you are worth it.

Every one is worth something, and if no one has ever told you that you matter, you do. If someone has ever told you that you don't. They are wrong. You do.

I am Neil Munro and (if my friends are to be believed) I am sometimes a genius and the rest of the time a raving madman (this latter one I imagine you will think is more appropriate).  I am a your guide on an tour through my mind, life and emotions. I know I'm not the only one out there that feels like a lost little child in a big scary world, so if my experiences can help but one person, then it'll be worth it.

So, please keep your arms and feet inside the vehicle at all times, fasten your safety belt and please no flash photography...

... Seriously, there be dragons and it's mating season, you have been warned.

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  1. Hey Neil. That was Septembers post. It's nearly October. Hope you have lot's to share......